Purpose of this Website

This Website has been developed to allow the sharing of information among Indonesian Philatelists worldwide. The main aim of this website is to pool collective knowledge and create a detailed catalogue of Indonesian stamps, postal stationery and postal history. This website has been set up and is administered by Ian Bridle, whose main interest is the revolutionary period of Indonesia from 1945-1949. Therefore the initial focus of this website will be to catalogue and document research associated with this era of Indonesia's postal history. While the main purpose of this website is the sharing of knowledge, an attempt has been made to fully catalogue the postal stationery of Java during the revolutionary period, listing all currently known postal stationery items for the period, including varieties. An attempt has also been made to assign current market prices for each issue, with a price range being listed, based on the condition. These are "fair market prices" as of 2016, based on tracking sales in international auctions, prices on eBay and private sales of philatelic material. Also included is a link to items for sale and a "wants list" of items currently being sought.

Contact Details
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