1946 One Year of Independence Postcard

Original Artist’s Drawing

The image on the left is the artist's original drawing from which the stamp design for the One Year of Independence (Hari Kemerdekaan) and the Freedom Fund (Fonds Kemerdekaan) postcards were printed. Pencil notes "20" and "2½" in the margin are requests that 20 mirror image proofs be printed and that the final stamp imprint size should be 2½ cm high.

This item is in the collection of Mr. Ian Bridle (Since 2009).

Mirror Image Die Proof

Twenty large format (30 mm x 36 mm) mirror image proofs of the final stamp imprint design were prepared and printed in black.

Paper Type: Smooth, glossy wove paper.

Paper Colour: Off white with buff coloured fibrous inclusions ("granite" appearance) observed under 10x magnification.

Paper Thickness: 0.08 mm (thin paper).

Watermark: No watermark.

Proof Postcard

Proof of the One Year of Independence ("HARI KEMERDEKAAN") Postcard.
This postcard has "1945 - 1946" printed twice (one above the other), whereas the issued postcard design is inscribed "17 Agoestoes" over "1945 - 1946".
Discovered in 2012 and believed to be a proof design. ONLY ONE EXAMPLE KNOWN.

Paper Type: Smooth, wove paper.

Paper Colour: Light Drab.

Paper Thickness: 0.22 mm.