Bandung 2017

Republican Postal Stationery of Java (1945-1949)

This is the complete 80 page exhibit of Mr. Ian Bridle that was entered into the FIP International Stamp Exhibition held in Bandung, Indonesia from 3-7 August 2017.

The exhibit, which is titled "Republican Postal Stationery of Java (1945-1949)" was entered into the Postal Stationery Class (Class 3) and received a Gold medal as well as Special Prize (for material) with a total score of 91 points out of 100.

This has been uploaded and made public for all to view to promote the sharing of philatelic knowledge of the Republican Postal Stationery during the revolutionary period of Indonesia.

My only request is that anyone with knowledge to share (or suggestions or corrections to my research) contact me by using the CONTACT link on this website or emailing me directly at